My Experience using the Rune Optimizer for Summoners War !


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My Experience using the Rune Optimizer for Summoners War !was extracted from


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  1. i lost interest in this game because of pulling 5 dupes in a row. thats just stupid and i dont even have that many to begin with. after pulling brandia i spent 880€ just to get another dupe jamire. game is fine but that made me quit.

  2. Can you still use this program? My summoner wars got this "Failed to Connect", every time I use the proxy to import my sw data to my laptop.

  3. I've been watching some old videos of yours for the last few weeks, while leaving the new videos for later, and then after I saw this video I was like "Childish taht you brah!? O.o"

  4. I was just considering using an optimizer to help me further for my videos..this kind of helped me out on deciding, thanks bro, appreciated.

  5. Would you ever consider recording a session where you use it, to help shed some light on it's use? It's been updated quite a bit, and I find it difficult to make dps sets on there anywhere near as good as I can eyeball. I use it to make sure my supports meet requirements for accuracy, spd, etc, mostly.

  6. do you manually have to look for the runes and change them yourself? it doesn't change them for me when I click to change the runes.

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