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I’ve wanted to play Slay the Spire for a while, but never really found the time to get to it. Now that it’s officially released out of Early Access, I have a great reason to finally start.

Thanks to the folks over at MegaCrit for the key!

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We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!

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  1. Igni I like your Content but I'm legit tilting when you pass up whirlwind and Inflame on your first run. It only does 1 less than a strike but it's the best AOE option, it's manaflexible, it multihits to combo with buffs, and it's one of the best cards upgraded. In the early game enough trash mobs can be finished off with 3 mana wind until you buff it. Inflame was even wackier two, since after fighting the nob and the laga minibosses teach you strength effects last until end of combat, so it's just a permabuff for your entire fight.
    Still, mad impressed you beat 2 minibosses early on your first run. Most people end their games once they hit those, keep up this quality slay the spire content and keep learning about things like focusing your build and deck thinning, you'll need smaller and more synergistic decks once you get to the city final bosses.

  2. Dude yes, I've been dying for a playthrough from someone I like!!!!

    EDIT: I kept going use a potion! Potions! But no worries, a LOT of people forget to use them haha.

  3. You're doing well! As you play the game you're unlocking new cards and relics, and one synergy that doesn't quite become a "thing" at the start is self damage. The game is basically a series of sprints that make up a marathon, and cards like Bloodletting and Combust are actually high risk with the amount you're using them. Later on you'll unlock cards and relics that do things on self damage, like a trigger, which makes those cards a build. For instance at 1:03:20 the correct play is to not touch Combust here. Your life simply can't support that many self damage cards.

    Nobody wins their first run lol. Next time if you play Ironclad again, it'll probably be easier to focus on fundamentals like solid attacks and defensive cards, until you unlock the synergy support things by doing a few runs. Oh and check out Boss Relics like the one called Broken Crown from your first boss. Relics that increase your energy from bosses are the strongest in the game, because now you have 4 energy every turn instead of 3, and that's especially big with the Ironclad you just played. He starts with the heaviest tech card out of the 3 classes, Bash, and is thus very starved for energy generally. When you get to 4 on him, it's like you can finally breathe. You can win the game well enough on 4, so 5 isn't as necessary as 4. But hey if you don't like Ironclad, you can try Silent or robomage. Wildly different playstyles between the three. Hope to see your second run here!

  4. I would love to see more of this. I'd love to see more of popular game content like Spire, generally. You're one of my absolute favorite gaming youtubers, and Shadowverse doesn't have the fanbase large enough for someone as talented and likable as you =)

  5. Spent so many hours into this game, it's refreshing to see first time player's perspective and card evaluation.

  6. Slay The Spire and Dead Cells are a gem and an example to be followed for all those awful early access games. I'm glad you finally found the time to play it.

    Improving for next time!

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