1. that was happen to me too, i dont know how the hacker can get to my acc without changing the password. because i still can log in my acc

  2. I know this won't help, but don't get too disheartened. I know lots of work into an account for many years to just face is painful. I reset my account, I am happy with it. But I have lost the nat 5s I had and the 6 stars and runes. If that happened to me I would feel dulled. My guild was hacked and the master and a few others accounts along. They most probably quit but I guess I was lucky.

  3. Sadly to disappointed you, com2us will just reply you, there is no way to recover your ID backs either the ID is used by the Owner or not. Because this is com2us.

  4. Nothing to do with the Update. . Can be your closest friends or someone hack into your game account. Can be keylogged by someone. Account wont just gone because of Update. 🙂 to hack your account we can start from your email. To hack an email people can hack it by answer your security questions and so on. To get your `Answer` people can ask you but u wont be aware of it.
    Example: Where you born. a town of whatever. i can ask you eh where u from? oh you born there??

    The situation i say is happened to me when i was playing MapleStory. The guy manage to hack my FB and ask people borrow money to the hacker by my Facebook.
    Sadly my game account email is different with the facebook. People can get your e-mail from social activity or other method.

    1. The hacker got your information , ID and Password.
    2. Why he did it after server check? maybe he just wan you D/C naturally. and BAM. 🙂

    These are my prediction. but im sure your account was hacked by a HUMAN. 🙂

  5. Isn't there a 1 time rollback? I remember scatfetis saying that knightly did a roll back because he accidentally destroyed a rune

  6. Noooo … Have you report it to com2us? Please don't stop make SW video . You are my mentor . Always waiting for your SW video . I Hope com2us can solve this problem.

  7. Just a quick warning to everyone here and no I'm not the hacker but…… there 50 ways to hack any acc in summoner war…just letting u guys know

  8. Bro that sucks… you should get it back since you spent some cash on the game. The dude was probably pissed his horned frog summons "trick" never worked

  9. Whoever hacked you is such a disgusting person….finds out he can't sell the account so he burns it to the ground….sincerely hope you get your account back and hope com2us fixes their shit

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