My Summoners War is hacked


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  1. Theres a big rumor going around that the hackers are actually com2us employees trying to sell peoples accounts to make extra money. tbh i think it might be true because of how rapid the hackin is. almost daily u hear that more people are getting hacked. hopefully u get ur account back and best of luck

  2. I'm not super end game and honestly doubt I'd be super crushed to lose my account, more crushed to lose the name, but I can imagine how shitty it would feel to have that progress and time you've put into it stolen like that. I really do hope that you get it back man, so good luck!

  3. hey bro, best of luck to you in getting your account back too. Mines was compromised in a similar way on 6/9, and i've only had their initial response and have immediately responded to them.

    I did not have my account linked to my line or facebook as in the hacking that happened last year, it was advised to disconnect your account from those avenues. It was only linked to my gmail account, which has 2 step authentication on it. They went straight ahead and switched my email to theirs, and I received no notification of the change whatsoever.

    being a top player myself, it hurts quite a bit. It's been 3 years and quite a bit of resources invested into the game, only to go through a long and lengthy process.

    Thank you for making this video and raising awareness, as other top streamers don't seem to have the balls to do so. This issue does not seem to be a priority of com2us, as the issue seems to be getting out of hand.

    I made a post here, and even it has not gotten any attention.

    We'll see where it goes from here, but it would be complete bullshit, to get our accounts back, only to have them stolen away from us again.

    kudos to you tho bro, GL

  4. IF they know your email and fb passwords… the problem is in your end. maybe you are not change your password for long enough.or your password is same for all email ? how could someone hack Facebook , email passwords…. if someone can hack facebook and email. they will not hack you. they will hack billionaire…. use something like last pass to create 1 password for 1 email. and change them every few months.

  5. RandomSummoner here sorry bout that, though to be honest I can't help but wonder, and almost admire how they are able to do such a thing, seems no easy task, do you think you will be able to get your account back?

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