My Thoughts on Jarvis Getting BANNED For Aimbot! – Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2


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  1. "Intentions" are more important than the action? What inane logic. What if a rapist "intends" to sexually gratify his victim? Or a murderer "intends" to help his victim by ending their suffering?

    Really weak take overall, defending another streamer thinking they should be treated differently than the rest of the public. There is very little integrity to be seen among most streamers.

  2. Those people are completely aware that they download a cheat or a hack, install it on their machine and using it. Behind closed doors, those people don't give a damn about players. All they want is to get some attention because they are selfish/self-centered and to make money. They are a direct insult to real good players — Cheater and a liar one day, a cheater and a liar forever. Zero-tolerance for cheaters… period.

  3. Listen if they unban Jarvis for cheating then they gotta unban everyone else who cheated with AIMBOT. Streamers are normal people like us. No exceptions at all. Just cause they make money don’t make them untouchable.

  4. U know the saying the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The fact that he is a content creator and that he knows better so permanently banned to me is right

  5. Can’t he just make a new email and fortnite account? He could do that but without streaming so epic doesn’t know

  6. Aimbotting in solo's or whatever, is the same, it's still PROMOTING(showcasing) the aimbot in the end.
    Like: "look guys, with the aimbot you can always win". So intentional or not, the ban is fully deserved!!!

  7. Just a prank bro…

    In all seriousness, he got what he deserved and to all the fuk boiz saying it was a mistake LMAO how many matches did he play with aimbot? Yall as dumb as Jarvis is

  8. I can't watch this dude,, tricky? What's tricky? So if you're a content CREATOR you get to break the rules.. sypher is a complete culk

  9. Hay hay want to know something Jarvis when he knew what he was doing claimed in caps “ OH IMMA GET BANNED FOR THIS”

  10. Jarvis gets banned
    Logan Paul films a dead body and doesn't get his account deleted like really now Jarvis Didn't do something twice as bad

  11. Maybe do not promote cheats , if you are a really big streamer, a lot of people will download aimbot just cause of this and ruin the game more.

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