MyFreeCams (the ugly truth)

MyFreeCams (the ugly truth)

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  1. …all those top girls are top because they got 1-2, other maybe 3 totally rich guys who tip them huge money…if tops were so popular because of having hundered big tippers then all models on site would have, but we r not. It’s all about to find a regular big BIG tipper. Unfortunately bein pretty or good looking not always help :/ I agree that look is not everything but what really piss me off when I see models like Panzii or other shit winnin crown of miss mfc…what is wrong with You guys?!?

  2. Camscore works fine, at least for me.. the more tks we earn and less time online spend then it grows. I was always surprised of seeing print screens on models profiles with tips like 50k or more, and I actually believe it cuz I got some tips like 5000 or 7000 so thats why their CS’s are so huge..unfortunately Im still an unpopular model, hard to meet one reach guy who who will fall in love and tip tons of tokens. If another unpopular mfc girls read this, don’t be sad,it’s not about You(read up)

  3. i never said 5%….i never said 95% goes to MFC…i did enough research…leo sued by amazon and microsoft….owner of ultrapasswords, fake tips on the site…do i need to go on? loll telling me i didnt do research..haha

  4. I work on MFC – we only get 5% of the profit and MFC gets the rest… LMFAO – try doing some research before sticking your nose in some shit…

  5. I really dont understand how guys give away tons of their hard earned money just to look/chat with some chick they will never meet.

  6. OH my god! That guys really are so dumb to tip for this shit! Apart from the fact that 75% of your tips go to guys (50% to the owner/25% to the girls manager/pimp), the ‘girls’ just buy tokens from the site admins for a low price. They transfer these to their boyfriends/ or pimps or friend accounts who will always tip over you for anything with unlimited token amounts… LOL its so obvious!!

  7. okay lets get something straight. If you perform a sexual act of any kind for money, you are a whore. You are not a dancer, model or anything else you want to call yourself to make you feel better about being a whore. If you pay for any kind of of sexual act then you are dumb.

  8. It’s unbelievable! I was shocked when i saw those rooms. What the hell? Just tell girls what you’re looking for, don’t imagine that you can just turn us into whores without us noticing, how insane is that?? Now i need to scrub myself for about an hour just for being in that place.

  9. You should know how some studios try to trap you into doing this shit. First they interview you for what looks like a regular office job. Then they tell you you’ll be generating traffic for a social site. Then they tell you they have nice confortable rooms. And thet all you’ll be doing is talk to lonely people. Then you see the name of the actual site, google it and find out that these pimps think that you’re retarded or something, what the hell, you can’t trick women into video prostitution.

  10. i appreciate and value your opinion. But we can discuss about how dumb a guy is to tip etc, but lots of these tips are fake anyways. To get things going, to try get guys into tipping wars, to protect models not having to do a date raffle for example so as a form of protection, etc. Camscore, rankings, etc. all crap. A nice trick filter for the models to see which guys respond to that kind of crap….

  11. all people need to do is look on the internet and look for themselves on google. They will find i speak the truth. Or do I need to send a few links ? 🙂

  12. my opinion is certainly not based on cliche 😉 I agree with ur first post. Another question one should wonder how much the models like their members WITHOUT their tips… 😉 A camgirl has a heart of gold until your wallet is empty. NOT a cliche.. a TRUE fact too…I just dont follow how guys can be so dumb to waste their money on this. They need professional help instead of tipping a shady owner, pimps and boyfriends and girls without self respect…

  13. That may be so for a minority of mfc members, but in my experience of using the site, the majority of tippers are tipping because they either genuinely like the model. There are members who visit the same model every day & do not necessarily tip to see her nude or see her masturbate. You may think it’s ‘sad’, but there’s little difference between this interaction & any other chat room or forum. Your response is a cliche based on prejudice, my response to you is based on actual experience.

  14. The real question you should be asking is why these women think that masturbating for money is a good idea. If you visit mfc regularly, you quickly begin to see this behaviour as normal. Before the internet, would these women have even considered masturbating for the public? Now it’s become an easy way to make cash & an even easier way to lose all self respect, whilst exploiting the natural desires of men. These men who spend huge amounts of cash on mfc are complete suckers.

  15. Lol what a site. I have done research on many sites in my life. And my most founded opinion is to find a bigger scam site than this will be nearly impossible…

  16. if its so legit, why was the owner sued by amazon and microsoft for spamming and phishing? if its so legit why do they also own a site like ultrapasswords who sell out passwords? Are you now gonna tell us that is all legit too?? lol

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