[NA] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Breach – Reveal Trailer

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  1. I'm pretty pleased that they are including an arcade gamemode where you can mess around with the games mechanics without actually playing the story. Good call.

  2. hopefully they haven't wasted much development time/money on this portion of the game

  3. bet that mode would look great in 4k. simplistic but cool kinda reminds me a tad of mirrors edge in that way :-p design wise heh

  4. Mixed on the graphics? Hopefully little bit of everything. Love the series from day one. How many times of played the last? so addictive.

  5. This is now what I wanted to see! Looks like a crappy way to make a game last longer because the game is short! I hope not because I really was looking forward to this very long awaited game.

  6. Deus Ex Mankind Divided > Battlefield 1 + Overwatch
    But seriously…I want that game….hurry up,please pre release it :)

  7. This looks awesome and adds a lot of replay-value to the game. And that music! I can't wait for the whole soundtrack of DX:MD, it's gonna be great :)

  8. What kind of mushrooms did the Eidos Montreal guys consume to create this deranged hallucination?

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