Nerd³ Plays… American Truck Simulator

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  1. haven't any of you noticed that Nerd3 has disabled the discussion section on his channel… hmmm… and he affiliates with "takes 50% of everything you earn with no return benefit" machinima, and what happened to three free games Friday?…. I remember when nerd3 was original, engaging, and charming and used to actually do lets plays of obscure indie games no one has previously heard about and other underappreciated gems. now he just out of the blue COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND NOW COPIES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING!! everyone else was already one the review AAA titles bandwagon before you decided you can make extra money by playing games that are already popular, sleazy dipshit. you went the way of G4.

  2. I think the thing that kills everyone in the woods is your driving, not a chainsaw maniac. In fact, I think I saw you run him over at one point…

  3. I live on the east coast. Does anyone from california know if fresno actually looks like that? I feel like it would be a bit more modern.

  4. I find the things that you said about americans to be very offensive. You need to learn to control your opinions!

  5. There should be an African Truck Simulator and an Asian Truck Simulator then join them into a massive game

  6. I dont know whether I want this game or not, I want this game because, A: I like simulators and, B: I like tycoon type games, but A: I dont know if Ill have to pay for more state and, B:I dont know how good the replayability is… Can anyone help or give me advice?

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