New "Atlas" ALL Abilities & Gameplay! Paladins Atlas Tips & Walkthrough!


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New "Atlas" ALL Abilities & Gameplay! Paladins Atlas Tips & Walkthrough!was extracted from

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For sure would recommend playing, I actually had a great time playing and will probably play on stream sometime soon!

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  1. I actually had a blast playing this character. Don't knock it before you try it lads, it was a really refreshing fun experience trying out a new team based game! Go give it a try, link is in the description!

    Also thanks a ton for all the support recently, I love you guys <3

  2. i swear, this video was only produced cause you were so pissed at overwatch that you have to hurt them somehow xD i like it.
    everybody should ignore overwatch at least a month and see if they change things quicker xD

  3. Since when did you play paladins? Something new? Have never heard of this game but you make it look fun!

  4. great video had a lot of fun watching and hopefully there will be more in the future?

  5. good job sam, i have 500 hrs of paladins and u are better than me just playing 2 seconds dude lol

  6. oh dude i thought u were trolling with this. yea Dafran was playing the other day and it was fun to watch

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