NEW “Battlefield 4” – Online Multiplayer Gameplay HD 1080p! – (“BF4 Gameplay”) E3M13

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NEW “Battlefield 4” – Online Multiplayer Gameplay HD 1080p! – (“BF4 Gameplay”) E3M13was extracted from


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  1. U guys are a** holes seriously this game is boss atop acting like friggin
    kids saying this game is boring mama the systems broken stop acting like
    that not to be mean anyway if u have this beta get GTA v its boss I don’t
    ever play anything I only play the best game ever well 2 beat games ever
    bf4 and GTA v

  2. the water looks a bit like oil^^ and the animation in it sucks xD but well,
    just a beta, so, who cares, downloading it right now 🙂 wohoo

  3. ya tell me about it! Downloaded it and played it the past few
    days….totally not really enjoying it that much. So bland and NOT dynamic.

  4. I guess I should’ve known better. When people said Halo 4 pushed the 360 to
    the limit, they were right. Still, I wish they would’ve told us about the
    blandness of the current-gen.

  5. battle field 4 deserves to be the best first person shooter ever made, i
    mean just take a good look at man, cmon now

  6. Clip has become slang for magazine because rarely do guns use actual clips
    anymore. It’s all semantics.

  7. What if Call Of Duty Ghosts has fish that are animated and dogs that
    actually work as teammates. In BF4 you’ll be able to dynamite skyscrapers
    and ride choppers etc. Everything that you can’t do in Cod. Reconsider the
    characteristics of the games value when you denounce other great games!
    Incidentally if you wish to convince yourself just have fun playing the
    beta goo.glQhsfF You’ll be humble from then on!

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