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  2. do we supposed to open torngat everytime to block revokes after turn the device on or just once?

  3. Dino i have a question… if i have a cydia on my device (iphone 6 10.3.3) and i want to get rid of it, if i update it i will lose the jailbreak correct? or will it brick my phone or something thanks.

  4. When I changed from an Apple phone To an Andoird phone I missed using your jailbreaking tricks but after a while I switched back to the iPhone and I couldn’t be happier thx so much! Keep up the good work 😊

  5. pls do a new hacked snapchat version, all the snapchat tweaks are blocked by snap. We need a new alternitive

  6. Can’t wait to jailbreak 11.4.1 later on when it comes out
    And thanks for such good content mate!

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