NEW CLASH ROYALE META Update – Trying out ladder decks!


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Clash Royale BDay stream replay:
#ClashRoyale New meta update is here! Lots of clash royale balance changes just rolled out today so were playing with random cards and decks to see what will work on ladder! 💜NYTE FAMILY GEAR👇🙃👇
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NEW CLASH ROYALE META Update – Trying out ladder decks!

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  1. You drop trophies and then show skills on a low trophies where they are noobs for you if you are actually 5k+ show us your skills in your arena when you drop trophies just to make some wins in a row whatever with what cards you will choose you will win forsure

  2. Hey, I’ve made this decks and I’m not sure how balanced it is but it seems to be working well so far. So here it is and maybe you could try it out.
    Ice Wizard
    Hog Rider

    Please test it out and tell me how it is, thanks for your consideration

    Also, my clan is Dweebz if you have any interest in shouting me out. Hehe

  3. How can u be at 3400-3900 Point with Level 10 and above? Fking Retards playing this game, pls stop u complete idiots and go away Play something simple

  4. Mega knight, bandit, scarmy, princess, miner, zap, bats, goblin gang. I’m barley turned level 9 and can take down level 11. It’s a great deck used wisely. You should try it. I’m at 3925. Highest trophies I have gotten. My name in Game is Greatness

  5. My deck is Giant, Prince, Knight, Valkyrie, Poison, Arrows, Musketeer, Archers. I can only get to challenger 3 with it though

  6. Can you try this deck out? I have been going on a terror with this deck almost making it to legendary arena: battle ram, inferno dragon, bandit, mega minion, night witch, snowball, musketeer, and dart goblin.

  7. (USA or Anyone!) For anyone that sees this! If someone does this at the beginning of a 1v1 battle, [Red Tower: Good Luck!, Blue Tower: Good Luck!] its not mimicking, its saying, “Likewise!” I hope all is well Supercell! Thank you!

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