NEW Divinity 2 Original Sin Gold / Money – Exploit / Cheat / Secret PC


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  1. Good to know mate, thanks. Like you say I don't like to cheat, but every now and then when you just need that ultimate piece of armour off a trader, this will help. 😃

  2. Pretty good but kinda useless. I can steal 40k per merchant with sebille. I have like 500k gold and nothing to buy. I buy all the divine stuff everytime I level up from every merchants. I am more than halfway done with nameless island tho. So I'm closing in to the end-game. when I was where you are at I could only steal like 15k per merchants.

  3. its cool and all but i never understood the reason for explots on pc. you can download a trainer and max out whetever you want with a press of a button.

  4. okay but you can cheat gold so why use a complicated mechanic to "hack" gold if you can easy cheat? lol…make no sense.

  5. You just have to left click the item you want from a vendor or that you want to sell, you dont actually have to drag the item into the trading slots. And you can use enter to accept the amount if you are moving a stack of items.

    Not that it really matters how you do it but you know..

  6. This is not a gold exploit because you're not gaining any gold. This is an exploit on how to obtain things at no cost.

  7. I hope it gets patched soon. buying stuff really isn't much of a problem considering the amount of junk u get, but certainly this would be a pain if someone uses this for multiplayer.


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