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Welcome to Paladins Battlegrounds! The first hero-based battle royale, coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Today we’re checking out the PTS for OB66 of Paladins, which contains a Technical Alpha for Paladins Battlegrounds. Release date for this gamemode is likely February-March 2018.

Download the PTS and play Paladins Battlegrounds yourself:

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  1. I play normal paladins on ps4 it’s epic my fav game is fortnite but this is my 2nd so I’m so FUCKEN excited woo

  2. Guys… stop the fckng ITS PALADINS so you dont play it. Paladins is a pretty descent game and moooore balanced then overwatch is. And im not saying that because i can't buy overwatch. I tried overwatch for a day and it wasn't great but wasn't bad either so dont judge by the developer… And there CAN be more hero shooter games and not just fricking Overwatch.

  3. The cards are unbound but u have work for it ingame and the cards that you pick from the start is bug

  4. *When Paladins attempts to become relevant again… No this game looks horrible, its not gonna do well..

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