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  1. Guys few days ago new crack is relased im not at home right now but i will
    update it in few days.. regrads

  2. I know how to run the game but multiplayer does not WORK ANYMORE there was
    a steam update recently that disable the multiplayer crack.. and you just
    don’t right click and run it you have to have steam open first then you run

  3. c’est vraiment ce que j’ai appele une bonne … crack .. qu’il fonctionne
    tres bien …merci!

  4. it’s not working fer me. when i’m finished and when I finally click on the
    desktop icon nothing happens. it won’t get in the game

  5. man i want to play this game online …i don’t want to play with my
    friends….only online…can i do it

  6. is there anyway to play with the people that bought the game because no one
    is ever on the cracked servers

  7. no it is not a virus.. most antivirus detect cracks and keygens a virus.. .
    add an exception to a folder in your program files (the place where you
    want to install the game). then istall the game is that location and your
    game should wotk fine.

  8. cara crack n tem esse negocio de virus,o crack ? reconhecido como virus pq
    altera como o jogo funcionara,pode instalar de boa

  9. i have a problem when i try to play online, i search a server but
    inmediatly the game says that there are no srevers… i deactivate firewall
    and avast and also change download region of steam… it worked yesterday
    but it doesnt now, i get the game on sa

  10. Mam taki problem niewa?ne z k?t pobior? cracka gra mi si? w??cza w pe?nym
    ekranie i ukazuje mi si? logo gry po czym wy??cza si?. Co mo?na zrobi?

  11. ?ta ovdje radi igra? sa rajom online, igra? kurac.. . U?ao u igru i ?ta si
    pokazao, nisi ni?ta.

  12. ciao…stesso crack multiplaer non c’e. il mio nick su steam e
    lo stesso di youtube

  13. Sagaz, desculpe a pergunta chata.. mas por aqui entra no online porem no
    acha algo relacionado a “racenet”, nenhuma corrida disponvel pra eu
    disputar. tutorial seguido perfeitamente.. Ser que caiu esse modo de jogar
    na verso free

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