New Killer Freddy Krueger & Patch 1.8.0 – Dead by Daylight


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  1. I don't really care if the nerfed him. He is still a REALLY cool idea. Just wish they'd make him better.

  2. "1… 2… TydeTyme's coming for you…
    3… 4… Gonna drop you on the floor,"
    -TydeTyme, 2017

  3. The problem im running into when playing against freddy are my other teammates.. they get nothing done and are completely clueless how to play against a freddy. The killer isnt OP, the survivors are clueless! Which is what is getting the whole team killed.

  4. I want to buy this but why do I not see it available in the PS4 store for purchase? I thought it came out the 26th.

  5. Anyone else pissed that they used Remake Freddy and Quentin instead of Classic Freddy and Nancy?

  6. Hey TydeTyme. Are you more of a Freddy fan or Jason fan? Just wondering about your horror fandom.

  7. I just noticed that freddy is so bugged that when you damage a generato it counts it as a pallet so brutal strenght increase that action too

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