NEW Samurai Killer?! | Kuchisake-onna? | Trailer Sneak Peak | Dead by Daylight


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  1. I think everyone mainly wants to be the slit mouthed woman, to be honest she sounds more scary than being chased down by a samurai killer. If it's a samurai killer I'll be disappointed.

  2. Maybe the husband is going to be the new survivor and kuchisake-onna aka slit mouth woman is the killer and he abilities would be horror when she takes it the mask when chasing a survivor slowing them down but the samurai is not affected by this because of his perks
    Maybe just my opinion

  3. I heard a rumor that the killer's power is that he can perform hara kiri on himself when the game becomes unplayable due to balance issues.

  4. No u dont know the story the cut woman will be the killer cuz the samurai slit her face cuz the samurai was with her together but she loved someone else and then the samurai cut her face

  5. Tbh imagine if there was a duo killer mode. Where two killers would load in as partners and be less powerful on their own but have the combined power of one killer

  6. I’m Japanese!!

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