Nidhogg 2 – Forest Battle Gameplay


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Nidhogg 2 has a crazy new look and a handful of new weapons. Check out this full battle on the game’s forest-themed Nastrond map.

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  1. background looks good but the characters look horrible also I liked it when they fizzed like a fountain when they died making them explode is not my thing.

  2. Bow looks OP. I like how we actually get to fight inside the digestive tract of the giant pink worm of success. I do agree the characters could be better. Such silly looking gameplay would be even more funny with a really serious looking character model. These are too… sesame street

  3. I wouldn't normally mind the bizarre character models, but it looks like the art style has made it way, WAY harder to discern what the characters are doing at any given moment, especially when things get frantic.

  4. At first I hated the artstyle, but It grew on me after watching how silly the characters look as they attack.

  5. Wow… the art style sucks IMO. The animations were way more impressive in the minimalistic first instalment

  6. Certainly not the kind of art style i'd expect from a nidhogg sequel. It looks good apart from the ugly character designs.

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