Nidhogg II: Unfinished 12/09/2016


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The crew got some hands-on time with a very different looking Nidhogg on the latest Unprofessional Fridays.
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  1. I dont mind the cartoony art style but what I dont like is the fact that the characters are so…damn…UGLY👹😠

  2. One of the character models looks like a sunburnt Homer Simpson crossed with Morph, the clay stop-motion character from the 70s.

    Truly terrible

  3. It definitely looks better in motion than in screenshots. But I''m still not digging the naked-Homer look much at all. Going from the grace and fluidity of the first to this is jarring, but I think it's fine they're doing something different. Unfortunately they chose this particular "different".

    Backgrounds are good though.

  4. This looks terrible. 🙁 Nidhogg was one of the single most elegant games in years, and surprisingly deep, despite its limited moveset. The pace, the music, the minimalist style, the moveset… All just perfect. A true gentlemen's duel of a game that didn't get anywhere near enough of a following. That shit could've been played competitively man… This is just.. Eh.

  5. Oh this was nidhogg 2 ?? at the PS4 reel? Now I am dissapointed,.. I mean I love nidhogg, but thought It was something deeper.

  6. Art style and music before matched perfectly, really minimalist. Musics still good, but this art style is too goofy… not final tho.

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