Nightmares in Freddy's Class (Dead by Daylight – Funny Moments)


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When you can’t allowed to sleep in class, but with Freddy Krueger being your teacher, you can only see him when you are sleeping, what do you do? Get trapped under pallets and double locker juke of course!

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People in this video:
[Neon Green] Zet0r (Me)
[Pale Purple] Scoby:
[Yellow] Lewjaaa:
[Pale Orange] Shizu:
[Blue] Mr.Roben:


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  1. My Notes:
    – Don't sleep in class
    – Don't clap in class
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…..Crap I think I missed some notes!! X3X

  2. Me: hey Mr. Krueger.. can i go run away?
    Freddy: NO!!
    Me: ok i Stay Just don't look here…… Hahahahahahahh idiot
    Freddy : DAMN YOU!!!!!

  3. Could somebody tell me how can i get Feng Min's skin of the purple jacket? Like, is it from an event or something?

  4. Freddy: why should I repeat if you don't do NOTES!?
    Me: Teacher can I go to the bathroom?

  5. I swear the dbd community has never watched horror movies, so that’s why people complain on waiting to pull someone in the Dream World as Freddy, freddy in the movies has to wait for his prey to go to sleep XD

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