Nintendo Switch Dominates Japan Sales, Paladins Now Free-to-Play on Switch & Iconoclasts Dated!


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Nintendo Switch Dominates Japan Sales, Paladins Now Free-to-Play on Switch & Iconoclasts Dated!was extracted from

Nintendo Switch continues to dominates the media create sales, Paladins free-to-play option is now available for Switch owners and Iconoclasts dated for Nintendo Switch!
Japan Sales
Paladins free to play option on Switch
Iconoclasts Dated for Switch

Media Create Sales: 7/16/18 – 7/22/18

Iconoclasts for Switch launches August 2

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  1. Square Enix really underestimated Octopath Traveler. Hopefully they'll crank up production like Nintendo did when they initially underestimated the Switch.

    On another note, Iconoclasts looks interesting. Another game to add to my list!

  2. With all those news about octopath traveller selling all over, I was thinking that it would sell more than 100k for the whole week. Seeing that its ONLY 22k for a whole week is a let down. Its kinda funny to see nintendo and Square enix not stocking up more than that, knowing most of japan prefers physical more than digital

  3. Octopath will be number 1 next week. What a great showing for the Switch. And, Smash and Pokemon are not even out yet.

  4. Yo Yo PE Ninja Master. In Japan it's over the Switch and Nintendo has got it on lockdown ;-). Paladins free too play at last on the Switch, downloading at the mo lol. Iconoclasts looks like a very cool game too be on the Nintendo Switch and made by one geezer, i will back this game day one.

  5. man, with all the sold out news octopath just sold 20+k. Its hard to believe thats all the physical copy in japan, im starting to believe all the sold out news were square fake news just to hype up the game.

  6. Iconoclasts looks pretty good im gonna get that. Also imagine they had a megaman metrovania type game where you have to defeat ro pt bosses in order to get their abilities to be able to go to different areas or hidden areas. That would be cool. Ivoniclasts kinda reminds me of megaman a bit too.

  7. "10 nut twisting hours" out of context that sounds extremely painful, unless you're into that kind of thing……….

  8. I'm glad it's now free since more players will get into it now and give me a reason to play some more but I wish the free version was released first rather than the founder's pack!

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