Nioh: Oro’s Infinite Living Weapon Build *PATCHED*


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  1. My game crashes everytime it runs out! Still playing v1.0 Awesome guide though! this is the exact stage i needed to complete! cheers

  2. This seems weak compared to other builds I have seen, but maybe this was made a long time ago.

  3. From the little bit of replies I read…screw them bro…YOOOOU Oro keep up the FANTASTIC work…it's not like you complainers haaaave to use a strategy that u see on YouTube…duh …(just a reminder) it's completely​ up to you…I bet you won't complain when you run in to a mission or boss that you just cannot beat for crap…besides it's in the game for a reason…you don't think the dev's put it there by mistake do yous? Jeez…anyways good job on the vid

  4. Thank you for you info! I had tough time getting through area above Level over 160 but now I can run through the game more easier. Thank you!

  5. the regeneration per-kill should go down faster the longer its up all the way til 1 sec living weapon time

  6. it's funny I often forget to use living weapon because I try to save it for the bosses and demons

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