No Man’s Sky: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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  1. they don't even know how thier servers work. or they don't care. thier not interested in it being a multilayer experience then why go on about how it's possible etc
    when it isn't and won't be no dought. I guess the game was too unstable still is even though it's stripped down

  2. So much of this is wrong now, like when you say your ship is gone if you get shot down. you should make a new one

  3. I think they should have made it a bit smaller so the chances of finding another player and see how they named stuff are a bit higher, since thats fun to see, and its the point of multiplayer

  4. Ok what was that with the lobbys and sub-lobbys ??? Please explain that part youre selling as confirmed facts here again to me yes?
    And you say another Player would have to wait for me quite long for me to get there so we can meet? ok please tell me who told you that!

  5. well I bought this game after looking foward to it for months as I love anything to do with space and astrobiology but really think it was over hyped and tho it's an ok game it's deffo not as good as it's made out to be £50 is a fair price tho if you like this sort of thing

  6. I found a planet full of life! Thought i wouldnt find anything but dead planets. Check my video out!(:

  7. It's funny to watch this video now that game is out and realizing that majority of things listed here don't exist in actual game :)

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