No Man’s Sky: 18 Minute Gameplay Demo – IGN First

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  1. Is it really that rare to meet someone? I have discovered 2 other people's systems now and I've been on the same planet as someone else. Maybe everyone spawns at a similar place in the universe? Since then I have gone through a black hole and haven't seen anybody but two people seems very unlikely…

  2. Who do I email for a copy of this Alpha build? Is it included with the original release game that cut all those features?

  3. I still don't get it. Why are all plutonium crystals EXACTLY the same? Why not have both the ones that are currently in the game and those cool square ones in this video (this applies to soo much more btw, buildings, flora, water, animals)? Where is their sense of variety? How exactly did they manage to create something so close to perfection and then dumb it down to… whatever the game currently is?

    Those square plutonium crystals have some sick Hi-Res texture too, yet in the actual game they're almost just a single color. Why did I have to use a mod to get those hi-res textures back? And don't tell me it's because of performance, because the game is so terribly optimized, you'll need such a good card the textures will literally not impact it at all.

  4. I suppose in a way, Peter Molyneux was actually waiting in the center of the galaxy; after amazing promise and potential, all you are ultimately left with is absolute mediocrity and disappointment.

  5. I'm playing through it now and loving it but even I have to admit..every single thing about this demo looks better than release. The ship interiors, exteriors, planetary environments, shading and bloom effects, the scan wave, the user interface, the icons used for elements collected, much more seamless environmental draw in, the mining effect, the galaxy map..literally everything looks better here. Why would they have diverged so much in the games design so last minute? Sean Murray was always so happy to show everything off, talking about features he was excited about. No where ever did it seem like they were hiding an unfinished, unpolished game. Hopefully, one day we'll learn exactly what happened.

  6. -What awaits at the center of the galaxy?
    -Peter Molyneux
    Wow, ironic. That has to be a hint that it's all exaggerated hype.

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