No Man’s Sky (figuring out the game) before the day 0 patch.

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No Man’s Sky (figuring out the game) before the day 0 patch.was extracted from


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  1. Jesus it must've been difficult before the patch. It seems to me like they've built a very robust platform from which to build over the next couple of years. What we're playing now is the Wii with one game, or the Vanilla Destiny, or Warcraft without the expansions. More things will come folks. The races will be expanded, the Atlas Path will get fleshed out, we'll gain new abilities/multi-tool functions/ship designs/environments/menu settings….just wait

  2. I purposely didn't watch any gameplay until it released and I'm glad I did! My god, I love this damn game!

  3. This game seems to have taken many of it's mechanics from 'Firefall'. It's so similar it's weird.

  4. Now that you killed all the "hype", you can go fuck yourselves and let us fans of exploration play the game. Bitches

  5. Every once in a while, i start to contemplate the idea of starting a stream of my own… and then i see a footage like this, and the desire to do so just… floats away. Because, just listen to those idiots taking advantage of the naration voice reading out the chat. I'm not very happy of being a part of this "humanity" on ocasions.

  6. I can't even WATCH this for 15 minutes. Why would I PAY $60 to play it for DAYS or even MONTHS? A mile wide and an inch deep, indeed. I feared this.

  7. Everyone here saying it was overhyped. In what way was it overhyped, this was meant to be an exploration game and in my eyes that's exactly what it looks like to me

  8. that plante looks like a planet im currently on but everything on mine is red and doesn't turn into night.

  9. great to see the game.. but so frustrating to watch you play.. craft the freaking carite sheets already!!

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