No Man’s Sky – Hacking: How it works

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  1. This is one of your most useful videos to me you've made so far! I'm looking to be a stealthy criminal hacker thief. I'll sneak in, hack their systems, take their stuff, and run. Great video, keep up the good work! Can't wait to see your NMS gameplay when the game comes out (4 days from the time I posted this comment). So exited!

  2. what good information let me just open up no man sky OH WAIT I CANT ,oh well let me get my time machine OH WAIT I FORGOT IT 200 YEARS FROM NOW , hey they said they will finale keep the release date for no man sky on 4/6/2264 maybe it will finale be done they even said that it will have 36 less microtransactions ,so instead of 7269 we will have 7233, and they cut the price to $9436 plus blood of your first born to $9435.96 and they soul of your friends first born . i'm so HYPED

  3. opening cases and taking valuble items is such a skyrim thing for me haha, thieves guild baby. thanks Adam.

  4. On of the things I'm going to try is landing on a big ship or on the exterior of a base. It will probably end in me becoming a gigantic fireball, but I want to try it.

  5. Your videos are so great, i would love to see your journey on No Man's Sky when the game comes out man, if that isn't too much of your confort. I hope you record your journey ;)

  6. OMG I thought he was going to talk about how the game was already getting hacked. 0_o Good thing hacking is a mechanic in the game that we are talking about here.

  7. I was exited for this game but now I'm worried. Sure exploring, trading and survival even hacking is fun but how long will it take before the novelty wears off? I'm sceptical now

  8. Boarding freighters would be very cool. Seeing the results would indeed be very interesting. Also did not realize hacking was a thing.

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