No Man’s Sky is only 6GB WTF?!

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FileSize: 30 MB

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  1. It's 2.6 gigabytes on PC, I assume the console version just has an image at 6 gigabytes or something, maybe an OS stub like Dreamcast games?

    That's about £15.38 per gigabyte. Not that the size matters of course, since the game is proceduraly generated, it's not like the entire universe already exists sitting on the disk or HDD, the area is made around you on the fly. It's hard to judge the size of the game based on the size of space it takes up on the HDD, Skyrim takes up only 6 gigabytes, but MGS:V and GTA V take up over 60 gigabytes each. It could be the size of textures, animations, audio…

  2. She's right…there's no bad comments in Reddit for this game. All been deleted to save the fanbois from the real world.

  3. First time ive watch one of his videos and before 28 seconds I'm making new sounds with my laughter its so funny

  4. With the title of the video i was expecting some idiot who just downloaded the game who doesn't get how procedural generation works XD

  5. Honestly this guy is fucking shite he's too white he's a fucking chicken people who sub to this guy probably never went to school and don't watch his videos ever again this guy is pure Carlos boozer his hair makes my fucking head rip open he's cringe I'm watching jacksepticeye

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