No Man’s Sky: Multiplayer Finally Explained

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  1. Hahahahahahaha, I can't wait to hear what this guy has to say about NMS now that we know its a complete lie.

  2. BS so many people have been on the same planet in the same spot and still can't find each other Sean Murray is a lying scumbag

  3. The reason that it's hugely unlikely to meet friends is because the
    Universe doesn't exist yet. what you're doing is playing a game locally
    and uploading parts of your local instance. this contributes to an
    online database which essentially build the Hello Games instance of our
    collective discoveries. given that people only upload small volumes of
    their exploration the completeness of the Community-built universe
    available online is patchy and non-intersecting. so, the numbers of
    stars, planets, solar systems suggested by Hello Games is based on the
    possible permutations of the variables in play when your local games
    system procedurally generates new environments.
    Therefore, the ability to meet people is likely years away and whilst
    possible now, is certainly not probable.

  4. Actually it's quite simple. Me and NutritiousApples did it today. We met within 5 minutes at the center*….Sigh… At the north pole of the central quasar*….

    We couldn't see each other. Just like what's reported in the news.

    Anyways… We're both mapping out the center of Euclid. You'll see our stuff everywhere when you get to the center. Peace

  5. There is no multiplayer in no mans sky, The games code has been examined and no appropriate code exists. People have tried to meet at the same planet and are unable to see each other in game. Go get your steam refund.

  6. there are no other games that are technically infinite, seeing as we wont explore all of the worlds, that are multiplayer. if they implemented multiplayer into this, the scores would go up by at least 75%. well, maybe it will be a DLC.

  7. sean should've never stated that there was multiplayer. would've saved a lot of confusion. he HAS stated that you can find and see your friends

  8. I want to get a big ship, call it the Raza, get a crew of friends on board, & explore the galaxy. Maybe someday a game will make this happen for me…

  9. really? i mean really? this game is *··$%&$·"!!"·$%&//())=/… please the developers make a bad game and they have to live with it…

  10. Why can't multiplayer be in this game? I'd be nice having fun with friends going around planets and doing stuff.

  11. i would like to say that the end speech was awesome. it gave me goosebumps, and i look forward to experiencing that event!

  12. Hey, could you make a new video now about the multiplayer? A new video after the two players that were trying to meet and see each other in the game? Please?

  13. Are you aware that two streamers were in the exact same place at the exact same time and could not see each other? Therefore proving Sean lied about being able to see each other.

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