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  1. I have Norton internet security ver. 2010 and I had about 6 days left on
    it. so I went on your download link for NAV 2012 and i downloaded the
    setup, but when i go to press it it says Norton product detected and says i
    cannot download the free 6 month trial, but i can renew it. so i didn’t
    download it and i downloaded the NAV 2013 and tried installing it, but at
    the start it says my Norton internet security ver. 2010 is now responding.
    Do you know how to help?

  2. mine was expired all i did was uninstall norton 2013 and clickd on the 6
    month trail and when it downloaded i just put in new email thanks man

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for this great info. i had time trying to
    figure it out , then went I back to your video. I had to get another email
    like u said if u had norton before u had used a different email. Good info
    I hope u will post 2014 when it comes out! Thanks!

  4. Can you please send me product key for 2013, all those that you’ve send
    have been used too many times it says. thank you

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