1. So glad these guys removed the surveys on the site, I hate the bs surveys.
    I’m now satisfied because they provided a non-survey link and now I can
    generate my codes

  2. Here’s my honest review of the site. At first I thought this site was a
    scam and then I looked at the comments and saw everyone was satisfied so I
    decided ‘why not’? I tried it and after two codes, I finally stumbled
    across a working code! I can’t believe I have not found this sooner, thanks
    for sharing this tutorial. Much respect for you, vouch.

  3. Really Liked The Video, thanks for the help out !!! finally grand theft
    auto!!! 😀 no more searching for videos.. i was going to buy it but i had
    no time so i just check out on youtube.. but really thanks for the help
    maaan!!! 😀 really helped me outt :D:D 😀 😀

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