Of Orcs and Men EXP HACK (unlimited attribute points)

Filename: wothackbyskidrow.exe

FileSize: 21 MB

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Of Orcs and Men EXP HACK (unlimited attribute points)was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15721





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  1. Thanks for the amazing CE table! The final boss quite liked my brand new level 35 characters. The final encounter(s) is such a mess.

    IF ONLY the damn sadists put a checkpoint before the final fight, it would be quite bearable, but as it is – 20 minutes of tedious (though not too hard) combat and unskippable cutscenes just to have another try at a fairly difficult (on the hardest difficulty) boss – no, thanks. "In your ass." – © Styx.

    A word of warning, though – once CE seized the variables, all characters (including enemies) became unkillable. Saving the game and restarting with CE off solved this, while keeping the altered XP values.

  2. U the best!!! thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!

  3. My protection system said the web site for the cheat table is contaminated. Is their another source for the cheat table?

  4. Open cheat engine, drag table into it, open the game, then select the game with cheat engine, go back to the game and now continue your game, go back to cheat engine, make all the changes you want, quick save the game, close the game out completely and close down the cheat engine. When you load the game back up, all the changes are still there, and the game plays as it should with all your cheats working 🙂

  5. The cheat table is a separate download. There is two links, one for cheat engine, and another for the table. Just move the table into the cheat engine folder

  6. I saw that too. After you load up cheat engine and the game, you load you're game up, then you can make the changes

  7. it does work people. I had the same problem of enemy's health not going down. Here's what I did to fix that. After you make all you're changes, quick save the game, then close out of it, and close the cheat engine as well. Then open the game back up, load your quick save, and all the changes you made are still there, and you can now hurt the enemies.

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