Oh Geez with Cheese! – Dead by Daylight – Survivor #15 Claudette

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  1. Hey Tyde, appreciate your vids, both entertaining and helpful! Just wonderin though, you ever do a guide on distances at all? I only ever play in 'proper' games as a rando so not had chance to get to see at which points of the TR etc a killer can hear you working a gen, for instance, or how much time you'd normally get that first TR coming through and can maybe run for it without him seein your tracks, especially with Lightweight say.

  2. your good but luck has been on your side, goin to the exit & stoppin just got you killed only reason you escaped was cause you was so close to the exit, lucky, one step back killer woulda killed you, im just waitin for when that day of messin wit the killer by the exit when hes clearly comin to get you, gets you & others who do that killed while everybody else escapes, or stayin behind to be a point whore gets you killed whileeverybody escapes, that would be too funny lmao

  3. I have a challenge it's called the :
    LoneWolf ~ That means no saving anyone, and survive without saving anyone

  4. I think I should berate you. You always point out how foolish the other survivors are when they run from you as the nurse instead of hiding, yet you didn't make a single attempt at hiding from the nurse in this video. Tsk.

  5. idk why but when i press to play this video it tell me there is a problem and the others videos are going idk why

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