Oldschool Runescape:Chill Reaction to Being Hacked

Oldschool Runescape:Chill Reaction to Being Hacked

Guys I’m pretty chill, and even showed I have a bank pin in the video…. so how did I get hacked. I’m not a dumb ass… nor do I fall for phishing or key lo…
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  1. Everyone report “Stocks” in world 359 Al Kharad furnace for botting.  He hacked me for 25mil.. and is now botting… you can see my video for details. Please get him banned for me!! Also, watch my newest video if you already haven’t on how it happened.

  2. Membership is to expensive, i might sell my Xbox, Wii, and Ps3 for an Alienware, and a year membership. Wow was so much fun, i only quit because the lack of players on Rexxar. I didnt want to start over.

  3. Calm down…. There are tons of people with my prof pic and name, but nobody is the real Gentle Scout….. Together, we are all Gentle Scouts.

  4. Yarrick Yolo here Wrek. I was constantly PM’ing you but you didn’t answer the past couple of days. But now I know why.. PM me and i’ll give ya some stuff

  5. I advise downloading malwarebytes and run in safe mode you may have a keylogger with a root kit probably not but i would advise you to look for abnormality’s.

  6. Hey man i use to hack as in like troll my friends i always gave them the stuff back but 1 thing mcafee antivirus and all anvti virus programs is lack in java if you ran java on a website they can just see and know what you push numbers to bank passwords etc so it sucks but what Goes around Comes around they will get hacked 😀

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