One-Pulling Hellfire Ramparts | WoW Gold Making

One-Pulling Hellfire Ramparts | WoW Gold Making For non-aoe classes, check this video by formerruling for how to do it with EZ-Throw Dynamite:…
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  1. Dont forget also guys you can enter the dungeon at 58 if a friend summons you, so for XP this IS AMAZING! id do it tons, which is why i told jim about it when ever it was lol 😛


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  8. Make sure you stand still while ALL the loot is AOE looted. Also they may have nerfed it.

  9. I’ve noticed some funkiness where mobs aren’t all looted. I have to mouse over them to see if any loot was left on the bodies even if they aren’t sparkling anymore.

    If they did nerf that would be lame.

  10. its unfortunate they ninja nerfed the shit outta looting, you only get a fraction of what you got single target looting. hopefully its a bug and not blizzard being jerks. I just did this pull on regular, made a whopping 1g, 3 greens, and 40 runecloth and 14 netherweave…

  11. Yes, blast wave does the same job – I did it last night. Unfortunately, I was on heroic by mistake – wasn’t too pretty 🙂

  12. Good ol ramps, it ha been a grinding spot of mine since 80, as a ret pally I just run through and pull about half then loot, then other half then loot. ah mogs and vender everything else. Try it on heroic, its a differnt ball game. Still easy just cant pull alot at once.

  13. I don’t think it was much. My guess is like 500g or so if I got lucky on the AH.

  14. Do you mean gold-making blogs? Yes they are real. Many people like learning how to make gold in the game.

    If you mean gold sites as in gold-selling sites those also exist (unfortunately).

  15. The shoulders are from the Deathwing raid and the rest is some old PVP gear and a mix of random items.

  16. While I can’t give a super specific gold number it would get much easier in Mists of Pandaria with AOE looting!

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