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Join me in checking out all of the awesome mods on the Slay the Spire workshop! There’s so many great characters and quality of life changes out there so let’s look at them all!

Today’s mod :

Replay the Spire:

Googly Eyes:

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  1. When my brain saw those google eyes, it just stopped and said “Wait what the f**k.”

  2. It is sad that my friend is having a party at a gaming spot to play Fortnite… oh not to mention… FL, GUNSHOTTINGS! His birthday sounds okay as long as the place doesn’t get shot up. Oh we are sleep over there and the whole front side of the building is glass.

  3. Olexa I strongly recommend you install the Jungle Mod. It give you a whole new floor for the second floor. (optional) It was made by a lot of the main modders to celebrate a year of Mod the Spire. 🙂
    edit Believe it or not: draught is pronounced draft. O.O It is a British thing, I think?

  4. Attention watch video before reading entire comment!!!

    The Darklings were like: Whoopdedoo thats 52 damage for you!
    It really was some awful rng though.

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