OUTLAST Gameplay Demo & Reactions: Watch us get Scared Stupid like Big Babies

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OUTLAST Gameplay Demo & Reactions: Watch us get Scared Stupid like Big Babieswas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15713


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  1. Your paying on a xbox with an xbox controller butt he screen has the
    buttons that pop up they look like ps3 buttons are you guys really playing
    just asking but good video 

  2. For the last time x360 controller is compatible on almost all PC games,
    outlast has PS4 button pictures / icons bc it is developed on a ps4/PC code
    and when the player plugs in any controller the configuration will display
    DS4 buttons.

    So to recap : xbox 360 controller connected to PC to play with in game
    prompts being ps buttons bc it was built with the same code / resource
    files for both PC AND Ps4 version.


  3. Did you read only “Its fake he has an xbox controller” part? Because he
    says about PS3(!) controls on the screen,not about him playing with 360
    controller on PC.

  4. if you guys dont watch that often gameplay (demo) reviews and read this i
    recommend you to buy outlast! its around 20 bucks and WORTH IT!!!! ive
    never had that much fun playing a horror game xD

  5. I’m pretty sure you guys control whether or not you have the camera up.
    I’ve seen other lets plays where the camera didn’t pop up every five

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