1. Thanks a lot but I didn’t understand one part. I extract all the parts to
    one folder yeah? and then I mount the iso?

  2. Can you make a video with the whole game and the dlc/whistleblower? And is
    this a scam?

  3. Dude pls help me. I did everything right but as i wanted to kick the setup
    it says: setup.exe not found. I tried to do it with administratir rights
    but still not working.
    i have win8 but i set to start the setup with win7. nothing helps.. Pls i
    need ur help

  4. @Royal Game:
    Thanks so much for your comments, i hope you will enjoy it and my site :D

  5. ok like in your vid i should download part 1 to 6 then put all of them in 1
    folder next is i extract part 1 with password and mount the thing in daemon
    tools and open the setup file?

  6. do i need to download all parts? or only part 1 ? because it takes 5 hours
    to download … please answer

  7. thanks for sharing…but i have a little prob. here it says 0xc000007b
    problem.. and i searched on the internet but i couldnt fix it… what do i
    do ?

  8. ! C:UsersDxxxDownloadsIGG-Outlast.Whistleblower.part2.rar: Checksum
    error in the encrypted file
    IGG-Outlast.WhistleblowerIGG-Outlast.Whistleblower.iso. Corrupt file or
    wrong password.

    This error occures every time i try to extract …

    HELP Please :D

  9. ehm i have outlast cracked on my pc can i anywhere download the DLC and add
    to the cracked outlast ?

  10. hello igg-games! Outlast is a game is a horror game ive wanted to play a
    long time now, but im having a problem. ive downloaded all 6 files ( from
    firedrive) and when i extract them a bunch of errors pop up with the option
    cancel or break operation. when i open the file all that pops up is the
    internet shortcut to igg-games and a read me file. pls help!

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