Overpowered in 15 minutes (SotFS)

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  1. Defeat the Last Giant, get the Soldier Key, get the Grand Lance – you're OP !

  2. This doesn't work because the jump at the beginning body doesn't even have a branch of yore

  3. hey man, nice vid. I learned that in order to do that jump properly u must use L3 as jump button, at least for me it was impossible on circle or keyboard.
    btw do you know of any halberd that has the same moveset of ds1? i even see it as background detail, the same model, but all the halberds I found are like the gargoyle one. i am not fond of that moveset 🙁

  4. OP in 15 minutes which is more like 40 if you're not a speed runner but let's just make it 15 anyway for the sake of impressing people

  5. Damn I'll use this next time I want to make a character and be able to blast through the early game.

  6. seeing a lot of comments saying they were expecting a troll vid is this YouTuber like a popular clickbaiter or something

  7. Didn't really explore after the SotFS update

    Just watching through this I'm like, "Why is that there!? How the fuck does that even follow the lore!? Oh god, not one of those THERE!!"

  8. BORING. Why would I want a BKH+2 at lvl. 35 when I could have a Demon's Great Hammer+2 at lvl. 22 for half the effort?

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