Overwatch #6 – First Hack / Cheat that i saw in Overwatch

Filename: overwatchcheatengine.exe

FileSize: 27 MB

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Overwatch #6 – First Hack / Cheat that i saw in Overwatchwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15727





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  1. Lucky shot… no hacks. Obviously he wasn't hacking because if he was, you would have provided more proof than one lucky shot.

  2. this wasnt even a hack it was precision aiming while jumping that was all if it was a hack he probably shoot throught the wall or something instead nope this is just good aiming

  3. Not necessarily. You are standing on a commonly known sniper spot; plus in Overwatch, the bullet doesn't have to land on the character to be shot, as long as the bullet lands in the "hit box" around the character, the player bites the bullet. Players familiar with the map might as well shoot blankly at the spots, let alone knowing there is a person standing there – there is no limit to ammunition anyways.

  4. I realize this is a month old already, but just in case you still think this is a hack: it's not. Hanzo arrows have an arc to them. He's shooting at a really common sniper/bastion spot and knows you're there.

  5. Not necessarily a wallhack. You are standing in a very common spot and they already knew you were there. So the shot itself could just be one of those trickshots people have practiced, like how where in other games people learn exactly where to aim to throw a grenade directly at the enemies spawn.

  6. I once made a kill shooting over a house with hanzo it was pure luck the other guy saw the killcam and he typed in chat like wtf… Hhhh i said i got aimbot

  7. Dude you were in the samespot for days, he took a peak and a shot and it landed. If people would be deemed as cheaters based on "evidence" like this, we all would be banned.

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