Overwatch – Aimbot Hacker? You decide! (60 fps)

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  1. Looks like Aimbot to me. The only time he missed was when the natural spread of Soldiers Rifle caused it. Soon as he stopped firing to reset the spread, the aim snapped right back to you.

  2. I don't think he is using aim bot because he has missed a few shots, aim bot well never make you miss a shot.

  3. don't think he's an aimbot, but it took over 2m to get to the purpose of the video, and it's only 3m22s long

  4. hes hacking cause strafing is nit like that and he locked on if u look close when u go out of ur mech and up stairs he locks on

  5. This is just good aim. I've seen aim bots before and the movement is ridiculously twitchy, since it is constantly locking on and chasing sometimes erratic movements.

  6. Hard to tell with only this clip. If he is aimbotting it much be on toggle because you didn't track you all the way.

  7. its not a hack 2:57, if it was a hack the crosshair would be dead center but its not and this isnt bullet spread cause even if it was a hack the corsshair would still be centered.

  8. One kill is hard to prove aim-bot unless you see them snap to target. On the sample you gave it just appears he is strafing with the target.

  9. its likely not aim bot, see when u change direction and strafe back downstairs- not only is he not actually locked straight onto you, hes leading you too much to actually be hitting you as u walk up the stairs. when u change direction and walk back downstairs he has to correct his aim and jump back onto you. if he was aimbotting he probably would been more on target despire u changing directions

  10. thats not an aimbot, you can see that he misses at 2:54. He wouldnt have missed those shots if he would have been using an aimbot. Thats just good aiming

  11. Trust me that isn't hacking. You can't see him snapping or sudden crosshair changes. He's just predicting your movement. As a soldier 76 main, this is normal if you play him a lot. You get used to this type of thing.

  12. if he was straffing his curser would have went into the stairs…rather it climbed the staircase you went up as well….no he doesn't have that good of aim

  13. I played on the team with a giy who was aimbotting on McCree just this morning. I never even realized it was happening until the PoTG and good lord was it obvious. His reticle never left the enemy team's heads and it just looked–alien. It was so absurd that I honestly can't even put it into words. This may have been some sort of tracking bot and not full on aimbot, but I do know it looked nothing like the hacker I played with today.

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