Overwatch Aimbot Hacks & Hacking

Filename: overwatchhacksblizzard.exe

FileSize: 30 MB

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  1. wtf are u faggot talking
    i got banned too cuz of an detected aimbot and i just repurchase and didnt get banned i even used the same creditcard on it to buy lootboxes stop trashtalk

  2. I just encountered an aimbotting Bastion. They were locking onto me and my teammates in a matter of millisecond while their view was blocked by a Reinhardt.

  3. I'm happy they do this to cheaters look at what has happend to CSGO i can't even play a single game anymore without a spinbotter in our game….

  4. i love blizzards stance they are permanitly banning cheaters and hackers either witba ios ban or something else you get banned you go out buy a a new copy make a new account play again and within a few hours to a day you are again banned lol i love blizzard for this

  5. keep your Donald trump jokes to yourself for one they're not funny and second i didn't come here for that. dislike and not subscribing. my last time here

  6. ive been thinking of getting overwatch for a while now but ive seen so many hacker videos on YT im hesitating :P

  7. to be honest i didnt care about hackers because its mainly a pc issue until i seen it happen on console. at first i though it was a hanzo op player but his own team outed him. guy did 6 ults in the first 5 minutes and was getting headshots before our team could get pass the first gate or his team could actually play. even in console your aim isnt that good even for a hanzo player.

  8. Funny story: when I played wow I came across a botting hunter. So being entrepreneurial, I would just ping the monsters before he attacked them and the bot ended up farming for me for an hour.

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