Overwatch Cheaters Banned For LIFE

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  1. Ban them then release personal info about them so people can egg their house or mothers basement

  2. The game license (a legally binding contractual agreement) says that you will be banned for cheating. If you don't like the terms, don't agree to them and don't purchase the software. If you agree to the terms, Blizzard has every right to enforce them. Anyone saying cheaters should not be banned is a cheater and should be reported to Blizzard. Odds are they cheat in other things in life and should probably be avoided in general.

  3. My brother's team in overwatch were called a cheater because they won but I know for a fact that he didn't cheat because I watched the whole game

  4. as a Pokemon VGC player who loves to battle online, I wish Nintendo would pull their shit together and ban cheaters for life as well…

  5. I hope they really got a great system for checking for hacks. cuz i have been reported for playing with Mei… Just because i was playing with Mei, so goes to see that there are people who are just sore losers!

  6. I don't cheat but I am so glad I got the console version. It has NO lag and is just as fun!

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  8. The false positives will be low, blizzard has great anti cheat detection and the program Warden essentially acts as spyware on your computer scanning for suspicious processes and will only ban based on this I believe.

  9. This is a lie i know a guy who was banned he bought a new key and hes playing no problems

  10. yeah. The cheating potential in this game is very great if you know a little bit of how gaming runs it's programming functions, lets just say for console there is a huuugeeee potential issue with aim bots and its not the auto aim feature. Sooo thats something to watch for.. Frame drops or frame breaking. especially hanzo.

  11. My friend on ps4 almost got banned for cheating he wasn't I watched him the guy who wanted to ban him was a fucking noob and said the reason is for "killing me" wtf

  12. People who cheat at video games… simply put, they are the lowest form of life… not counting murderers, rapists, or
     that sort of thing.

  13. A permanent ban on a game is like the death penalty for the gaming world, and I don't condone it. If someone is verifiably cheating, they should instead, only be banned for a maximum of a week.

  14. On 1 game I got kicked for no reason from that server for being on a part of the map >:(

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