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  1. The Overwatch community is just as scummy as COD's, BF's, LOL, CSGO, RSS……. and just because she wasn't caught cheating doesn't mean she wasn't we dont have the computer data to analyse and to be fair Koreans have a long tracked history of cheating in online competitive competitions and like Russians and the Chinese can't be trusted

  2. I've played 15+ hours, I haven't suspected any one of cheating yet! Cannot say that about any other online game.

  3. Today a hanzo killed me through the wall on last point on kings row. He was facing the wall and shot the WALL with normal arrow once and it got me(pharah up in the air on the other side). I got to see it on potg again. I'm level 95 and I know it's not possible to kill this way! WTF. I reported him.

  4. This game would be ruined if it was free to play with cheaters. Getting banned in this games costs you a lot of money because you would have to buy the game again.

  5. With the view from the other person's perspective kill cams, cheating is a lot more obvious to spot here than in a game like tf2. So I don't see it being a huge issue.

  6. i got reported and it wws because i was really good a kenjies deflect but the i got free because we did a one on one and i didn't win against some who works with blizzard

  7. One strong suspect so far: a perfectly coordinated Genji with always on target shurikens that took down my Pharrah in three shots while flying with Jump Jet up and diagonal from Genji's position. I exposed him in the general chat then he went 'average' for the rest of the match.

  8. A few days ago, I had a really good game as Reinhart. I was accused of cheating. Took it as a compliment, because how often do I seem that good? Almost never ^_^

  9. a widowmaker was aiming at my torso and it went on my head as soon as she pulled the trigger

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