Overwatch Cloud 9 Surefour Hacking PROOF! – Pro Hax

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FileSize: 25 MB

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  1. I think it's a little premature to assume he's using an aimbot from this footage. I understand how his shooting seems out of this world and I see his cursor 'lock on' after he starts shooting. But first of all, Surefour is an extremely gifted individual in fps games, which is why he's in such high level play. But I seriously doubt im changing anyones mind by saying that, which is okay. Im not saying this necessarily means he isn't hacking, but the Overwatch spectator camera has been proven to be very unreliable, as it smooth out a lot of movement as well as misses key camera movements. The camera can make anyone look ridiculously smooth. This in combination with his high caliber of play would very likely make it look like an aimbot, just saying.

  2. just becuz some ppl dont have good aiming does not mean a professional doesnt have. And likely most pro aim for the head and they can predict the oppnonent's movement for them to easier to aim. And if you think this aiming is too fast and too accurate for a human, you probably have not seen Cookiezi from OSU.  And if you don't know who he is you can just seach it up, and lets see you still think this aiming is not possible. And im am sure theres bunch of other better players than Surefour as well.

  3. Beck got banned by the E-Sports Entertainment Association's tools.
    Given that he'd clearly slipped past Valve's own anti-scoundrel
    digi-wall, this got the Counter-Strike (and Half-Life and Team Fortress and DOTA 2 and Steam) maker curious. Valve reached out and, with the information they acquired from the ESEA, upgraded their own anti-cheat detection system.

    And then, suddenly, people started getting caught with a very new type of red on their hands. Not blood. Oh no, by Counter-Strike
    standards, this was much worse. Third-party tools that assist players
    with aim. In some cases, they can help with very difficult shots.

  4. ok im 100% that surefour is hacking nobody can aim like that if their a hacker ill give you a like for proving this video where surefour is hacking maybe he's not hacking well i saw a video of qabout the hackersd geting ban of overwatch if you report surefour overwatch will investigate is he hacking or not

  5. Everyone disliking this video is retarded and ignorant. anyone with a brain can see that he's hacking.

  6. I don't actually give a fuck if you play for a pro team, I don't care if you dominate soloQ games. But nobody has that accuracy… It looks like 80-85% average accuracy to me.

  7. The proof of hacking isn't in how good the aim is. The proof is what happens when a target gets out of visibility range. Now, a pro is either going to:

    (a.) know that the player is going behind cover and planning ahead accordingly or
    (b) track the player slightly passed the cover point.

    Look at the video at 0:28. As the enemy gets behind cover, the super-accurate tracker just stops looking just at the corner, right where the enemy went behind cover.

    This is definitely an aimbot.

  8. all you fucking noobs saying hes hacking give the man a break he performed just as well on a fucking lan tournament you retards, the same aim and all look it up you dumbasses.

  9. Are you losers serious? Jesus Christ don't you think blizz's anti cheat system would have caught him by now? This is one of THE hardest games to hack in at the moment and you think they're just gonna let a pro gamer hack? Get a life you butthurt nerds.

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