Overwatch Hackers Have Arrived

Filename: overwatchhacker.exe

FileSize: 27 MB

Free overwatchhacker is ready for download

Overwatch Hackers Have Arrivedwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15727





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  1. Why doesn't Blizzard just download all the hacks and figure out how to detect them and ban anyone using it? Because They really dont care! They already made their money selling you the game. Why would they spend more money paying an employee to do this?

  2. Wall hacks?… That explains I thought it was my internet so I snapped at my internet supporter .. Better go say sorry I guess ..

  3. Blizzard is by far outsmarting cheaters. Instead of having to deal with hackers.
    They simply gave a character wallhack, & another aimbot. (WHAT NOW HACKERS?!) Always one step ahead volvo.
    Good Job…. yet again

  4. I was wall hacked alot in matches also the Hanzo utlimate hack, on game start he has his ultimate available full time game start dragons sweep out. Then he runs around spamming it the whole match, was ranked match so we lost cant do anything vs full time hanzo ultimate hack

  5. I encountered cheaters during the beta, as a AM player in the UK, this is all to common.
    All the aimbotters always played Hanso during the beta, for the Ulti that goes throw walls and insta kills the whole team!

  6. I heard of people reporting people for playing genji on defence. Sure its not the best idea ever in many cases but its not reportable.

  7. This may sound stupid but could I get in trouble for wrongly reporting someone for hacks?

  8. pros of this video: notified us that we should be careful of hackers now
    cons of this video: notified low-lifes about hacking being available to download now.

  9. I just hope Blizzard will have a good customer service with this. With such a strict penalty and report system, there's bound to be some people who accidentally get banned when they weren't hacking. So it would be nice if they had a place where players could submit a request with some evidence to have their account reinstated. That being said, I'd feel really sorry for the people working there because there's going to be so many angry, guilty twelve year olds submitting things in all caps.

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