Overwatch Hackers UPSET Over Bans

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  1. i have been banned for a week now because i was just curious about it. So i tested it in practice range but still got banned but i dont let it stop me. I contacted blizzard support and they said i can buy a new copy,and thats what im going to do. I love overwatch but i did a mistake and have now learned my lesson

  2. Before Overwatch came out, I got created an Alt for Steam, got some free Aimbot and Wallhacks, then named myself Soldier:76 while venturing through multiple servers. I don't regret doing it, since I told everyone that I was using real Aimbot as part of the joke, so they thought it was funny, as did I. I understand that Aimbot and Wallhacks are both giving you an unfair advantage over everyone else, but it always depends on the situation that you use them in that makes them bad. Because I used those cheats, does that automatically make me a terrible person? No, of course not.

  3. Why do people cheat? In most cases I'd say it's simply because they feel good while doing it. It doesn't matter that it's not truly your own skill which makes you successful, because you still feel satisfied when you see enemies melting in your sights, it makes you feel as if you're great. And people want that feeling, even more so if they don't have any times in their normal life where they feel like they're doing great. Everyone wants to be magnificent, that's what it boils down to.

  4. Alright hacking is bad, but being banned in this manner is even more bad, let me explain why, so you pay 40 to 60 dollars to get overwatch then hack it and then are permanently banned, money down the drain, over someone getting mad they got killed by a aimbot. Now I get that hacking is total bullcrap but like zero punctuation said this feels more like a space you pay to occupy then a game you buy, in a free to play game or a subscription-based game that makes sense, but overwatch is neither of those, so ban penalties like these should not exist period.

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