Overwatch: Playstation 4 Gameplay Compared To The PC!

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  1. If this was on Wii remote PC players would never win that controller has the highest accuracy in gaming history. Made me rage quit when PC players used it on mods.

  2. I play xbox and main tracer. I haven't experienced the PC yet, but I don't find it too difficult to blink past, turn, and shoot and I use a 50/30 sensitivity setting, which is much higher than default. But I do assume it's easier to do on the PC.

    That being said it's also easier to turn to defend against her on the PC. I've heard some people say she's more effective on the consoles due to this.

  3. Why are gaming PC's so expensive and rare to find in stores and consoles are everywhere for very cheap prices. On consoles we don't have to worry about hackers, lag, penalties for leaving games, toxic people in every game no matter what triple A game comes out we know we can play it with beautiful graphics but I would trade all that in just to use a mouse and keyboard cause fuck joysticks. The day I can finally plug in my Razer DeathAdder to my PS4 I'll be the happiest man on Earth. ?<?

  4. Diablo 3 is actually more enjoyable to play on console imo. It's very relaxing sitting on your sofa with a controller in Diablo 3 that you don't get on PC. Diablo 3 works well with a console controller, and FPS not so much. If you've played both for extended periods of time you'll know what I'm talking about, just have to experience it.

  5. theres things you could do on consoles that pc wont find very easy aswell. it aint so bad on the consoles, and just as much fun. as the pc. the only thing that pc has over consoles is sharp turn movement. we still get by well with. consoles

  6. I wish there was an option to play cross platform maybe like creating private servers because I have friends playing x box and some that play pc

  7. i use Keyboard and Mouse on Overwatch PS4, works pretty good.
    the Console Version has very low Aim Assist wich makes it even easier to me because i can take Controller uses out before they had their Aim on me

  8. All this things you said are false because ur not used to console you can easily do a 180 when you blink but good video

  9. Jokes aside this is a nice precedent.

    All fps developers should do this, that means balance the game on both platforms different instead of forcing a unique version that does not meet both standards

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