Overwatch Tips n Tricks #3 “Genji Ult Faster, Turret Hacks, Track Hidden Teleporter”

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  1. Genji can't deflect mei, zarya, Symmetra, and winston, BUT it can deflect ultimates, obviously ones like deadeye, but also hanzo's dragons and zarya black hole and morw

  2. I don't know if this has been done yet but if you throw mcrees flashbang above reinhardts shield it will stun him just dont jump or be 2 close

  3. Tip to speed up reapers reload time:
    Once you hit your reload button, and you see your guns drop, melee the air. Your guns will magically appear in your hands… Spooookkkyy

  4. U can reload significantly faster as Reaper by pushing the melee button (V) straight after starting the reload, might be common knowledge thought Id share tho

  5. Tip: be a doughnut, get a friend to be Reinhardt and choose torbjorn or bastion and sit behind his shield, to add to the effectiveness you can get a mercy to heal Reinhardt to recharge barrier health or a lucio to heal both off you

  6. Tip: When Bastion switches configurations he will be fully reloaded and it should take shorter time. Use this in game to input more damage. Also if you get chased by Genii, use the time when he's reflecting to switch modes. Recon is harder to kill bastions with and fires slowed.

  7. Winston (and possibly widow, Though Idk why you'd be widow on last point) can also use the king's row flank, Mercy can also do it if she's following someone already using that flank route (I'd imagine it's difficult but possible use this flank as junkrat as well, But I haven't tried)

  8. Tip – When playing defence as Symmetra, hide your turrets in the plants and bushes, such as the ones in Hanamura and Hollywood.

  9. Tip: You can counter Hanzo's ult by using Genji's ult right before the two dragons reach you

  10. Tip : Bastion lacks mobility in sentry mode, but with a friendly Mei, you can play hide and seek and rise Bastion from behind a wall for a surprise attack, and then he comes back down hidden.

  11. Tip: when playing as ana, just remember: youre sleep/stun ability is the same as mccree. Stun, aim, shoot….

  12. 1:24 climbing a wall when your ability ends should always be done either way. not for the animation glitch but to get away in general

  13. Before a defending game starts, choose Lucio, speed up your allies, then change to whatever you want

  14. Last point on Watch Point Gibraltar, on defense mercy can resurrect her team through the floor if she is in spawn, saves time and means she can't be killed doing it. Great for those overtime saves.

  15. You can speed up reaper reload if you use melee atack right after he drops his gun(reload animation)

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