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  1. Hey! I realise that you played this a while ago, but I really enjoyed watching your playthrough and I'd really love to see you play the DLC game version with the continuing timeline and the new ending! Hope you consider it! =) Xx

  2. i loved this story so much. totally bummed that it is over. The ending, when it skips/starts over, is because you sacrificed yourself and so she is forever stuck in the loop. thanks for the playthrough.

  3. Awesome playthrough Jake! While I loved the game in its dialogue and characters, but the whole story is awfully vague and up in the air. You didn't miss too much as far as choices go. I've done quite a few playthroughs of this game and tried every ending path: Sacrificing Clarissa, talking your way through with the "ghosts", which is an option if you find all the collectibles Maggie Adler left behind (that's a sort of side quest), or what you did; tuning into the source.

    Disappointingly, none of those do anything other than increase or decrease how the characters think of you. Even Clarissa still shows up at the end regardless of your choice to sacrifice her to the ghosts.

    The one really significant change you can do is to bring back Micheal. If you play your cards right, you can prevent the drowning accident Micheal had by persuading him to stay instead of leave with Clarissa (like you did) and he shows up on the boat near the end. If this is done, everything is re-written as if Micheal was with you on your journey through Edward's Island ~even the photos change~ Obviously, no one knows about this resurrection except Alex.

    What the other half of the players ended up doing was failing to bring back Micheal, whether by accident or they just didn't know they could. This brings virtually the same ending, except Micheal is absent and Jonas remains Alex's step-brother. Besides that, the only other choice that matters is if you choose to convince Nona to date Ren.

    In my opinion, the ending you got (which is popular) is a little too peaches and cream, since it completely undermines Jonas's step-brother relationship with Alex, which the game spent so much time developing. Then of course there's the whole time loop twist thing near the end, so none of this matters anyway. Unless it's a "to be continued" situation, I feel like they did this twist for the sake of twists, which I found sort of cheap.

    Loved the characters and the voice acting was top notch, but this game could have handled its plot a lot better.

  4. I watched your reaction near the end so closely because when Alex's voice bumped, I screamed "no" and wanted to punch myself.

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