Oxenfree – Part 4 – Time Loop – Let’s Play – Oxenfree Game Gameplay

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  1. anyone else notice the almost runic or alienish looking text at the bottom of the screen at 10:20? or is that just the game freaking out?

  2. Is it just me or does that ghost that burned itself into a rock during the time loop look a hell of a lot like a Faceless from XCOM 2?

  3. I love this graphic style, reminds me of the illustrations from my old children's books. Adds a nice touch to the creepy atmosphere too.

  4. I totally enjoy this game. I love the creepy atmosphere… and having no idea where things will take us.

  5. If you want some background you should listen to "The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar", broadcast by This American Life in 2004 and easily found online. Even if it has nothing to do with the game ultimately, it's a fancinating and haunting story.

  6. In the end all you had to do was move a little bit more to the left and you could've gotten to the bench.

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